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New GMO accreditations for Laemmegroup

Moncalieri, Italy, June 24, 2020: Laemmegroup is proud to announce the completion of the accreditation process related to the detection of all authorized GMO in food and feed for soy, corn, rapeseed, sugar beet and in animal feed for cotton, that are listed in the latest updated European Register dated 02/08/2019. The entire accreditation process
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Pesto: Testing the Italian classic

When it comes to Italian staple foods, pesto is one of the first that comes to mind. Unfortunately, recent tests of 20 pesto products sold by supermarkets have shown that foreign substances are common, with only two pesto products in this sample being marked as satisfactory. More than half of the tested pesto products contained
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Olive Oil

Authenticity Testing of Olive Oil

New method for determining the origin of olive oil   Olive oil is becoming more and more popular and enjoys the reputation of being particularly healthy for both young and old. Italy is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to high-quality, natural, authentic olive oil. However, olive oil labels do not
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Labelling & testing of omega-3 fatty acid in food supplements

Consumers have a variety of ways to satisfy their daily omega-3 intake. While a balanced diet is one option, omega-3 can also be taken in through food supplements containing fish or algae oil. Foods that are rich in omega-3 include fatty fish (e.g. mackerel or salmon), walnuts and plant oils. Plant oils especially rich in
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KUDAM recognition

KUDAM Laboratory achieves ENAC accreditation for gluten in food

Laboratorio Kudam, with almost 30 years of experience in the analytical food sector, continues to be committed to quality and the constant improvement of all its services. As a result, the laboratory has recently obtained an ENAC accreditation for the determination of allergens (gluten, soya, egg, and the protein from eggs and peanuts) in foods,
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Provisional GMP Authorization for Sterility and Microbiological Services at VelaLabs

June 2020: With  the beginning of June, VelaLabs achieved a major milestone for implementing sterility and microbiological services at its facility. The Austrian  AGES/BASG authorized VelaLabs for provisionally running these services. Link: GMP Certificate As depicted in the photo, the reconstruction rapidly progressed and major equipment is already on site. Stay tuned for further upcoming
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Analysis of mineral water

Mineral water: what requirements must it fulfil?

Mineral water has a reputation of being clean and enriched with minerals. This cleanliness is a result of it being retrieved from very deep and well protected sources, which are subject to a minimum amount of treatment, and inaccessible to substances which are used near groundwater sources. Nevertheless, it is important that mineral water is
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Sandwich spread

The testing of sandwich spreads

Sandwich spread is one of the most diverse foods. This food supplies a wide flavour spectrum, with something available to all flavour pallets, which contributes to its popularity. 25 of the most popular sandwich spreads have recently been tested for additives, pesticides, pollutants, etc. with results being largely positive. Of the 25 spreads tested, barely
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Markus Roucka as new contact for Tentamus Analytics GmbH

June 2020: Dr. Markus Fido has left Tentamus Analytics GmbH and has found new challenges. With the end of May the former Director of Business Development Pharma, Dr. Markus Fido has left the Tentamus Group. To ensure a smooth takeover of all projects, Dr. Fido’s former colleague MARKUS ROUCKA has taken over Tentamus’ business development
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