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NMR Honey ProfilingTM Update Version 3.0

In recent years, reliable and sensitive NMR analysis of honey has gained tremendous importance worldwide and has firmly established itself as a powerful tool in quality control and for authenticity testing of honey. In addition to the sensitive detection of foreign sugars (targeted/non-targeted), NMR analysis can be efficiently used to confirm the variety and geographical
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Analysis of heavy metals and trace elements

Contaminants such as heavy metals are not purposely added to a food product, they are considered impurities. Heavy metals get into our food through various ways, e.g. they are assimilated by plants and animals from the environment or represent an undesirable side effect in the processing of food. Many heavy metals can be harmful to
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Sustainability labelling for food: The new Eco-Score

Nowadays, customers no longer decide to buy certain foods only on the basis of price and quality, they also consider aspects such as healthy nutrition and sustainability. The Nutri-Score, for example, helps consumers decide for or against a product based on its nutritional quality. The new Eco Score will now also help to determine buying
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Is there really tuna in canned tuna?

In the past and also currently there are again and again cases of food fraud and so doubts arise whether really tuna is in the canned tuna, or whether here cheaper, non-animal ingredients are used. Recently, a laboratory proved that within a tuna sample no tuna was used at all. The species most commonly sold
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Dry food for senior dogs tested

Dogs reach a senior age on average from 7- 10 years – depending on breed and size. In this phase of life, dogs need less energy because they move less and the nutrient requirements also change with age. For example, the protein and phosphorus content of the food has to be low and the protein
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VelaLabs extends its pharmaceutical bacteriology testing by MALDI-TOF

With MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry  (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption lonization – Time of Flight)  VelaLabs extends its’ method portfolio for germ identification in the field of microbiology.   MALDI-TOF method The method combines matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) with time of flight (TOF) of released ions for mass spectrometry. The bacterial species is identified via the
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Tentamus facilitates Global Hemp Commerce with validated testing

The use of hemp from commercial hemp (poor in cannabinoids) is becoming increasingly popular. Hemp seeds, hemp protein powder or other processed products can be found on the market. Due to the different hemp varieties with sometimes significant amounts of anaesthetics, it is crucial to know the exact content of these substances.   Tentamus offers
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Webinar-Series GMP-Tentamus North America

FREE GMP Webinar Series – June 23, 2021

In times of COVID-19 we are offering our partners an opportunity to stay connected and informed from the convenience of your labs, homes, or offices. Participate in our webinars, where you’ll get access to expert know-how. Our experts are specialists in their fields of scientific research or routine quality control. You’ll learn about the newest
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Analytical Methods to Demonstrate Positive (Healthy/Antioxidant) Properties of Botanical Products

Introduction Natural antioxidants, in botanical products (like fruits and vegetables), have gained increasing interest because epidemiological studies have indicated that frequent consumption of natural antioxidants is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer[1]. The defensive effects of natural antioxidants are related to three major groups: vitamins, (poly)phenols, and carotenoids. Vitamins like ascorbic
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