Who benefits from the Tentamus E-Commerce Service?

Our E‑Commerce Services are aimed at all compa­nies and retailers who would like to sell or already sell their prod­ucts, such as food, food supple­ments or cosmetics in online shops.

We support and advise both large and estab­lished compa­nies as well as small traders and start-ups.

Tentamus E-Commerce Services

Tentamus E‑Commerce Services cover three major key areas: Cold Chain Vali­da­tion, Online Labelling Testing and Mystery Shopping.

We would like to explain these areas in more detail here:

1. Vali­da­tion of the cold chain

Online retailers in partic­ular need to ensure that the cold chain of your prod­ucts remains intact from dispatch to your customers’ doorstep to guar­antee the safety of the products.

How can the Tentamus Group support you in this? We ensure:

  • A successful start to the online dispatch of chilled and frozen food with a secure cold chain.
  • The vali­da­tion of your cold chain according to DIN SPEC 91360
  • The opti­mi­sa­tion of your cold chain and thus cost savings and expan­sion of your customer base
  • The simu­la­tion of different ambient temper­a­tures and worst-case scenarios

Learn more about cold chain vali­da­tion in our blog:

2. Online Label Checks

In addi­tion to flaw­less analyt­ical results, prod­ucts must also be correctly labelled on the internet. This not only counts in terms of legal compli­ance, but also forms the basis for the consumer’s choice of product.

The Tentamus Group has put together a labelling team that not only takes care of the correct labelling of your prod­ucts offline, but also checks the infor­ma­tion in your online shop or on plat­forms such as Amazon, Alibaba and Co.

Tentamus E‑Commerce Service offers you the following services for e‑commerce, among others:

  • Decla­ra­tion according to FIC regu­la­tion such as allergen labelling, nutri­tion decla­ra­tion, list of ingre­di­ents etc.
  • Inspec­tion of product images
  • Organic certi­fi­ca­tion
  • Addi­tives according to the Ordi­nance on the Autho­ri­sa­tion of Additives
  • Country-specific regu­la­tions based on the Euro­pean Direc­tive on Food Supplements
  • Claims according to the Health Claims Regulation

3. Mystery Shopping

How are your prod­ucts received by your customers? Are the general condi­tions such as pack­aging or quality right and is the neces­sary refrig­er­a­tion main­tained? We can answer these ques­tions with our Mystery Shop­ping service.

If you book this service, we will carry out one (or more) unan­nounced, covert and objec­tive checks on your food and eval­uate it according to defined quality criteria. In addi­tion, our expe­ri­enced team will also make sure that all the infor­ma­tion on the product is correct and complete.

After­wards, we send you our eval­u­a­tion and also go through possible improve­ment options with you. We also create indi­vidual test plans tailored to your prod­ucts in order to opti­mise your delivery process.

For further support in opti­mizing your E‑Commerce, please get in touch with us:

Nicole Schröer
+49 30 20 60 38 133

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