Quality assurance
in the food industry

Your responsibility

Through a variety of quality assurance procedures, the food industry implements its own responsibility in daily business practice. Existing quality assurance systems are constantly reviewed and adapted due to ever-increasing legal requirements (e.g. traceability; origin assurance; hygiene regulations), the adoption of international standards (e.g. IFS, BRC, FSSC, etc.) and internal company requirements (e.g. on sustainability, animal welfare or regionality).

Your safety

In addition to their own internal controls, companies in the food industry are subject to further controls for process safety and food quality. Product safety is guaranteed by numerous private-sector quality and brand programs, which are communicated to consumers by means of corresponding test, quality and brand labels (e.g. QS - Quality and Safety; GQ - Tested Quality).

Your ideal partner

A well-functioning quality management system helps food manufacturers to produce high-quality products and to comply with legal regulations. In this way, expensive recalls as well as possible claims for damages, combined with a high loss of image and confidence, can be avoided.
Due to the many-sided responsibilities of a quality manager in the company, it makes sense, especially for smaller companies, to seek outside support. Here the Tentamus Group is your ideal partner.

Our partnership offers you the security to always meet the legal requirements, to continuously improve the quality in your company and at the same time to save valuable time and resources by getting competent and trustful advice from our experts.

Our services for effective quality management

We provide these services for your company

  • Disciplinary and technical leadership of the quality management team
  • Planning, control and systematic development of quality management at the production site
  • Active quality control during production and initiation of corrective and preventive measures
  • Communication with customers, suppliers and authorities regarding the safety of your products
  • Examination of specifications and declarations from a food regulatory point of view
  • Planning, organizing and carrying out external and internal audits as well as the corresponding employee training courses

You can rely
on our experts

  • Experience in all product groups of food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, as well as related industries
  • Permanent employees throughout Germany with intensive industry knowledge in primary production, processing, logistics, trade, as well as catering and system gastronomy
  • Routine in the application of quality management and HACCP concepts, IFS, BRC, FSSC and ISO standards
  • Let specialists take over secondary functions and focus on core business
  • Use specialists rather than generalists to address appropriate issues


  • Reflection on core competencies in production
  • Faster reaction to changes in the market or legal requirements
  • Immediate detection and elimination of quality defects and continuous quality improvement
  • Reduced personnel costs through billing of real operating days at a fixed man-day rate

Why are HACCP concepts
so important in quality management?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It consists of 7 principles designed to filter out and monitor potential sources of danger in companies. The principles are:

  1. Hazard analysis
  2. Critical control points
  3. Limit values
  4. Continuous monitoring
  5. Corrective actions
  6. Documentation
  7. Regular verification

HACCP concepts are mainly used for prevention. This means that potential sources of danger or error are analyzed and monitored before they occur, which can greatly reduce them in the long term.

Our locations for
quality management, assurance & control

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