Listeria in Food and Feed

Listeria belongs to the family of bacteria which additionally contains 9 other species. Listeria monocytogenes can cause diseases and infections in humans and animals. It can be found in soil, plants and water, hence makes it way into food and feed. Therefore it is very important to test products which could have been in contact ... Continued

EU control regulation 2017/625 – what’s new?

The value and importance of the safety of foods has increased significantly the last couple years. Consumers expect safe and high-end food as well as more transparency and information. Therefore a traffic light / smiley system has been established in ten EU-countries so far. Building a legal basis for food control in the entire  European ... Continued

Analyses of Nutraceuticals

Especially in the last decade, the nutraceutical industry experienced a massive growth. Nutraceuticals are defined as a kind of food which aim to provide health benefits such as prevention and treatment of diseases and are an addition to the basic nutritional values of food. They are commonly sold in medical forms e.g. pills, drinks or ... Continued

Sensory Testing

In the current market environment, sensory qualities of food are gaining in importance. Qualified tests help you to assess the potential success of an existing product or a new market entry. Professional sensory analyses are also used in the domain of standardization of product ranges as well as in the course of the assessment of ... Continued

131. AOAC Conference in Atlanta

Every year scientists from all over the world meet up at the AOAC Conference to discuss new technical information, changes, advances in methodology, techniques and applications. This year, from the 24th to 27th September they have met in Atlanta, USA. Also two of the Tentamus laboratories were represented: QSI from Bremen (GER) and Symbiotic Research ... Continued

Towards the finishing line – last day of the Tentamus Academy

Today the Tentamus Group sets the final round of their Academy in 2017. Out of numerous applications from employees of every laboratory worldwide, 15 people were chosen to take part in the executive management program. These 15 participants, who arrived in Berlin last week for the final stage, already completed further training in Portland, USA ... Continued

Tentamus Academy enters Final Stage

Participants from all over the world are arriving this weekend for the  the final stage of Tentamus Academy. Held at the headquarter in Berlin, all participants are getting ready to start on Monday. Split into two segments, the participants will initially focus on finance, quality management and negotiations. Here, the leadership skills and knowledge is ... Continued

Vanilla – Real, expensive

…but not always real. Bremen, Planegg – Genuine vanilla has the reputation of being an exquisit spice which is reflected in its price. Depictions of vanilla beans on a vanillin containing product are often used to highlight exclusiveness. But beware! Not all vanillin used is actually extracted from genuine vanilla, i.e. Vanilla planifolia or Vanilla ... Continued

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