Sustain­able services to ensure your sustain­able oper­a­tions and compliance

  • Natural Resources
  • People
  • Envi­ron­ment


Indi­vidual services for your produc­tion and busi­ness including holistic solutions

  • Produc­tion
  • Busi­ness

Trending Topics

Most trending sustain­able topics through our world­wide network and expertise

  • Carbon Foot­print
  • Zero Waste
  • Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • Biodi­ver­sity Loss


  • Food and Feed

    As part of the green deal, the farm-to-fork strategy aims to make food systems fair, more resilient, and environmentally friendly. We support you with the best in analytical, sustainable, and consulting solutions along the entire value chain

    From-farm-to-fork, our experts are at your service.

    • Food Safety & Quality
    • Supply Chain & Traceability
    • Sustainable Environmental and Health
    • Quality management
    • Circular Economy
    • Environmental Protection
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    Food Feed Green
  • Beauty, Wash & Care

    Sustainable care products are not only good for the skin, but also for the environment. Sustainable raw materials, environmentally friendly packaging and fair production are key elements for an environmentally and healthy cosmetics manufacturing.

    Cosmetics, body care and cleaning products should be effective, but also be safe and manufactured in a sustainable way to protect us, but also our planet. Together with you, our experts support turn your ideas into sustainable solutions.

    • Supply Chain & Traceability
    • Sustainable Environmental and Health
    • Quality management
    • Health and wellness
    • Circular Economy
    • Environmental Protection
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    Beauty Wash Care green
  • Pharmaceuticals

    The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing change. The responsible use of natural resources, chemicals and human rights are becoming increasingly important.

    Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are already highly regulated today. Sustainability issues, as the already discussed CO2 tax, will continue this regulation on a different level. Transparent supply chains, environmental commitment and green production – we create concepts for the optimization of your company with regard to ecological and social criteria and help you in creating sustainable added value to your business.

    • Supply Chain & Traceability
    • Sustainable Environmental and Health
    • Quality management
    • Health and wellness
    • Circular Economy
    • Environmental Protection
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    Pharma sustainable Tentamus
  • Agriculture and Soil

    Agriculture plays a central role in solving major societal challenges. Climate change, ensuring sufficient food for the world’s population and combating biodiversity loss need sustainable solutions and innovative approaches.

    Agriculture is the world largest industry and thus the environmental impact of agricultural and food production is enormous. We provide sustainable solutions to reduce or revalorize waste, be more efficient, or preserve biodiversity

    • Agriculture and Fishing
    • Soil
    • Environmental Protection


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    Agriculture Soil green

About Tentamus Green Line

At Tentamus, we are convinced that sustain­ability and quality assur­ance can no longer be sepa­rated from each other, and that only the two consid­ered together can lead society to a safe future for people and the environment.

Our goal is to main­tain product safety and trans­parency along the entire supply chain and to give to our customers an under­standing of which factors have the greatest detri­mental impact on our planet.

Together with you we ensure that the produc­tion of goods becomes more sustain­able in the sense of natural resources conser­va­tion, human rights compli­ances or safe­guarding the envi­ron­ment. One Health – one Planet

We are a dedi­cated team of data scien­tists, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence experts, chemists, chem­ical engi­neers and project managers on our mission to guide our customers into a more sustain­able business.

We do this through access to our global network and services, our outstanding exper­tise and long years of expe­ri­ence. Together we will find the best solu­tion for your sustain­able needs. Our commit­ment – your success!


Would you like to learn more about our services? Feel free to get in touch with our expert

Tentamus Inno­va­tion Hub
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