Tentamus Taiwan acquires recognition of multi-veterinary drug residues analysis for Australia exportation

Taiwan is a small island located in Pacific Ocean with up to 67% fishery product for exportation business, and it possess many manufacturers with advanced processing and fishing technology. These features make Taiwan acts an important role in global fishery market. The key factor of successful exportation business is the fulfillment of the quality requirement of import country. It’s beneficial for manufacturers to conduct quality control on-site and lab testing before shipment.

Tentamus Taiwan lab is specialized in all kinds of fish and fishery product testing solution from heavy metals, pesticide residues, microbiology to veterinary drug residues analysis. Besides local market requirement and the growing safety monitoring demand of international trade, Tentamus Taiwan endeavors in providing solution to assist customer to fulfill the regulation of targeted market.

In this year, we has been recognized by official authority as the first lab in Taiwan who could perform multi-veterinary drug residues analysis for fishery product against Australia’s regulation. Tentamus Taiwan also acts as the government assigned lab in succession for fishery product safety and quality monitoring plan of EU exportation.

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