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TentaStart – The key to the market
The Tentamus Program for Food Startups!

Even as a small manufacturer you want to be able to offer a safe product. Whether chocolate, smoothies or dietary supplements, especially for startups and small manufacturers, we offer investigation packages that make your products marketable.

TentaStart supports you in bringing your products safely to market and offers founders an individual initial consultation in which the experts provide practical and comprehensive information about the “must haves”.

A glance at the concept and the packaging enables us to immediately assess what needs to be considered and what measures need to be taken.

Are you ready to start?

For a Safe & Professional Start

Correct Labelling of Your Food Products

How should your food be labelled? Which information is mandatory and what does not belong on the label? Our qualified team will answer all your questions about food labelling.

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Lab Services

The safety and harmlessness of foods and their ingredients is essential for a healthy diet in the long term. Our Tentamus laboratories test your products worldwide using state-of-the-art equipment.

Hygiene & Audits

From farm to fork – We advise you on the hygiene of your food and carry out audits in your production facilities.


Basic Consultation

You would like to launch your product safely on the market, but don’t know exactly how?

We can support you here!

Arrange a free initial consultation via video conference with our experts and discover in a personal conversation what is important for your product.

Contact Nicole via email at nicole.schroeer@tentamus.com


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Nicole Schröer
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Kaitlyn Gerhart
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