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Tentamus E-Commerce

Ordering food on the Internet is becoming more and more popular. The e-commerce market is growing rapidly – as is the demand for food shopping on the Internet. Not only large supermarket chains rely on the online trade with food. Many innovative “niche suppliers” are now opening up the market and stand out with special products outside the mainstream.

In order to keep an overview of legal requirements in the jungle of producers and suppliers as an online retailer, Tentamus E-Commerce provides support in all questions relating to Online Retail.


Cold Chain Validation, Mystery Shopping & Online Label Checks

Validation of the Cold Chain

  • A successful start in the online dispatch of refrigerated and deep-frozen foods with a secure cold chain
  • The validation of your cold chain according to DIN SPEC 91360
  • Optimization of your cold chain and consequently cost savings and expansion of your customer base
  • Simulation of different ambient temperatures & worst-case scenarios
  • Mystery Shopping

Online Label Checks

  • Declaration according to FIC Regulation such as allergen labelling, nutrition declaration, list of ingredients etc.
  • Inspection of product images
  • Organic certification
  • Additives according to the Ordinance on the Approval of Additives
  • Country specific regulations based on European directive on food supplements
  • Claims in accordance with the Health Claims Regulation

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