The procure­ment and quality of food is a chal­lenge every day for both purchasing and quality assur­ance. This is where Tenta­Trend Solu­tions supports you. With our digital solu­tions and our global network of experts, we are able to offer services in a wide range of areas so that our customers gain more flex­i­bility and secu­rity along the entire value chain.

Discover Tenta­Trend Solutions:

  • Data as a service: How do I make the right deci­sions based on the labo­ra­tory results? How do I ensure that my product labelling complies with legal require­ments? How do I manage to imple­ment the Zero (Food) Waste vision in my company? Here and with many other ques­tions, we support you and find the best solu­tion together with you.
  • Risk assess­ment: How does risk assess­ment work in the food chain? Which legal bases do I have to take into account? How are hazards and risks defined? Contact us, we will support you in fulfilling your duty of care and help you to meet all frame­work condi­tions with our customised info service.
  • Customised services: How can I iden­tify risks in the food chain at an early stage? How do I inte­grate digital solu­tions into my QM system? What will the super­market of tomorrow look like? With our global network of experts and coop­er­a­tion with numerous research insti­tu­tions, we are your partner for inno­v­a­tive solu­tions in the area of Food (Safety) 4.0 – let us drive the trends of tomorrow together.

Future Business

Tenta­Trend Future Busi­ness is primarily dedi­cated to future topics and would like to help you answer the following ques­tions: What are the top trends of tomorrow? How can we best prepare for and help shape the future of the food industry? Tenta­Trend Future Busi­ness iden­ti­fies and prepares the future trends rele­vant to you and works out new busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties together with you.

Look into the future together with us:

  • Horizon scan­ning: Are you looking for system­atic moni­toring of current issues in the area of food (safety)? You don’t want to miss any legal changes that are rele­vant for you? Do you always want to know what is currently being discussed in your sector? With our Horizon Scan­ning we offer the right solu­tion for you, so that you are always up to date. We will be happy to advise you on our packages.
  • Strategic fore­sight: What will retail look like in 2035? How will our eating habits change? Which risks will be rele­vant? Look into the future together with us and our network of experts and be ready for the coming trends. We support you with various method­olo­gies such as trend scan­ning, heat mapping, trend radars and corpo­rate foresight.
  • Consulting 
  • Work­shops, semi­nars, round tables 

Point of contact:

Yvonne Pfeifer
+49 151 44 062 274

André Fritzsche
+49 151 44 062 275

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