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GMP Webinar Series 
Tentamus North America

23 June 2021 

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GMP Labs Webinar

Agenda: June 23, 2021 





10 am

Contaminants, Impurities & Residues in Pharmaceutical Products

Speaker:Tobias Wiezorek

The relevance, background information and possibilities of minimization of contaminants, impurities and residues are explained on the basis of current relevant cases (nitrosamine contamination, pesticide residues and pyrrolizidine alkaloid contaminants). The lecture will focus on practical issues and is explicitly addressed to non-scientists as well.

11 am

Nova Biologicals Full-Range Analytical Testing and Services – Complex Problems/Simple Solutions

Speaker:Paul Pearce, PhD

Accurately and timely meets all of your testing needs, from simple water testing to complex chemical, radio pharmaceutical and specialty microbiological determinations, i.e. quantitative polymerase chain reactions (qPCR), COVID 19, food pathogens, etc.  Nova extensively applies methods, means, and equipment.

12 pm

FDA Food Labeling Part 101

Speaker: Manuela Rosenberger


Labeling is crucial to market your product, but it is equally important to provide accurate information to your customers. Since misbranding is the most common reason for recalls it is necessary to stay up to date with the current regulations. Learn the basics of the FDA food label regulations, including the mandatory label elements on the principal display panel (PDP), and the information panel (IP).

1 pm

Special Projects at Analytical Food Lab

Speaker: Bill Centrella

In this presentation, Bill Centrella will go over several different types of projects AFL can perform for you, what you can expect from the Special Project process at AFL, and will summarize how the Special Projects department can assist you with your needs (including validation of an implemented pathogen control intervention, antimicrobial effectiveness testing, or even investigation of product shelf life)

2 pm

Understanding FDA Compliance for Cosmetics​

Speaker: Peter VanCouvering

The presentation covers FDA compliance targeted towards cosmetics manufacturers and aims to answer many commonly asked questions, including the use of preservatives, color additives, stability testing and much more.


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