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The Cappelletti Romagnoli should be prepared with a mixture of ricotta of cow and Raviggiolo, a soft cheese typical of the Romagna Apennines. It is difficult to find it outside of this geographic area, but it can be replaced with the Stracchino.

The Cappelletti Romagnoli, once prepared, must be cooked in the meat broth, whether beef or capon, and powdered with Parmigiano Reggiano.

Preparation of the filling

◾ prepare the filling for the Cappelletti by mixing in a bowl the ricotta, the Raviggiolo (or the Stracchino), the eggs, a grated nutmeg, a pinch of salt and a minced pepper. Cover well with transparent film and store in the refrigerator until the time you use it.

◾ In the meantime prepare the pasta.

PASTA Preparation

◾ keep aside some of the flour indicated because it is not said that you need it all. We will use it if the dough is required during processing.

Collect on the board (or in a bowl) the sifted flour and place to Fontana.

◾ Shell the eggs one at a time in a bowl, check that there are no fragments of shell, then pour them in the middle of the fountain and whisk them with a fork very carefully, as long as they have not assumed a fluid appearance, losing the stickiness Typical of the egg. This step is very important for the flour to be properly absorbed.

◾ when the egg is well amalgamated begin to incorporate the flour starting from the center of the fountain, to prevent it from breaking and the eggs will be sprinkled on the chopping board.

◾ amalgamate all the flour will be obtained a loose and granular compound. Compact it, put it under a bowl and wash your hands well.

◾ at this point knead on the board well cleaned and floured using the thumb and the part of the palm immediately underneath. Knead gently, for a time of about 5 minutes, turning the dough rather often, without crushing it, but making it roll briefly.

◾ with this processing time you get a rather rough dough, if you prefer it smoother kneaded up to 15 minutes. If during the processing the dough tends to stick together the flour kept aside, even if the dough is to be kept rather soft, otherwise you will not be able to close the Cappelletti.

◾ form a ball and let it rest for 30 minutes in a covered dish with a bowl upside down, or well wrapped in the transparent film.


◾ cut the dough with a knife in squares of about 3 centimeters on the side.

◾ put, at the center of each square, a small portion of filling and close to Tortellino.

◾ prepare the Cappelletti one at a time and them in slightly floured trays.

To complete the preparation

◾ boil the broth in a capable pot, regulate salt and boil the cappelletti for a minute after the resurgence of the boil.

◾ serve accompanied with grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese



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