Audits & Hygiene Testing

Review of Compliance with “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP)

Execution of hygiene audits and inspection of internal self-control systems in the different areas of responsibility within the food industry are core tasks of the department for Hygiene & Quality Assurance.

The focus of the auditing process lies on personnel and production hygiene, as well as on the entire surroundings and existing equipment, along with the adherence to government regulations. Dialogue and consultation with the audited business’ staff has top priority. Therefore, all results are summarised and reported with special hygiene software developed by Tentamus for further optimisation of the hygienic status. Audit reports feature a consistent layout including an action plan and pictures that enables you to compare results of the hygiene audit with previous visits. Trend analyses can be compiled out of multiple reports and serve as a reference for the verification of the quality management system.

Legal Basis

On January 1st2006, Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs replaced the up to that point valid national foodstuffs hygiene statute (foodstuffs hygiene regulation, LMHV). It is valid for the commercial manufacture, treatment or distribution of foodstuffs.

The basis for the consulting and inspection activities is the compliance with Article 5 Reg. (EC) No. 852/2004. Here the legislator laid down and specified that every food business operator that runs a production, processing or distribution stage of foodstuffs has to establish, execute and maintain one or several permanent procedures that are based on HACCP principles and ensure consumer health protection.

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