CMB laboratory expands its portfolio of services accredited by ENAC

CMB | Laboratory Microbiological and Chemical Control, belonging to the Tentamus Group and based in Madrid, has been offering its analytical services to the agri-food, chemical, biosanitary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors for more than 20 years.

Being aware of the importance for industry to comply with the requirements of the ENAC (National Accreditation Entity), the CMB team has devoted a great deal of effort not only to overcome the audits and to maintain the accreditations granted by ENAC until the date, but to present new processes and to expand the accredited scope of its analytical services related to Water, Food and Biocides and Cosmetics.

In addition, new accredited techniques allow an improvement in both the limit of quantification and the response times, essential for companies in the sector.

The most relevant points of the new accreditations obtained by CMB in 2017 are the following:

+ Extension of new analysis technique linked to LE 2301 in Waters of
Consumption and Continental Waters: Metals by plasma mass spectrometry inductive coupling (ICP / MS).

+ Extension of new analysis technique linked to LE 2303 in Fruits,
Vegetables, Meat and Fishery Products: Metals by mass spectrometry with inductive coupling plasma (ICP / MS).


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