CFL and Pixis Labs strengthen their consulting services through education.

Just 2,000 people in the world can call themselves a Certified Food Scientist.


In May 2018 Columbia Food Labs’ nutritional chemist joined the elite group of specialists by passing the Certified Food Scientist exam.

The program is the only globally recognized certification for food science professionals. The ISO 17024 certified program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of food science; from manufacturing and regulation to safety and testing.

When operating in the food industry, everyone must work within compliance regulations to formulate food safety plans. Having a CFS to assist with decision making and consulting from a wholistic industry perspective will greatly add to CFL’s services.

“We are proud to expand our services by continuing to invest in our staffs ongoing education,” said Mike Roche, CFL’s Food Lab Manager. “This allows us to assist our clients develop their preventative controls program and navigate FSMA regulations to achieve compliance.”

CFL’s commitment to further education underlines its dedication to safe, nutritious and plentiful food for consumers. They plan to continue investing in their staff to expand services and exceed client’s needs.








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General Manager
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