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Basics: Food Allergens in the US

Update: Joe Biden signed a law on April 23, 2021 that makes sesame the ninth major food allergen Each year, millions of people around the world have allergic reactions, caused by wrong labelled food. As a result, food labels help allergic consumers identifying these foods and ingredients.   Most common food allergens   The following foods
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Incorrect allergen labelling can be life-threatening

Certain foods are triggers for allergies or intolerances. According to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, there are 14 triggers for allergies or intolerances in the EU. These include: gluten crustaceans eggs fish peanuts soy milk nuts celery mustard sesame seeds sulfur dioxide and sulphites lupins molluscs Consumption of or contact with these can cause symptoms such
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Testing red lentils: pesticide and mineral oil residues found

Especially for health-conscious, vegetarian, or vegan consumers, red lentils are used increasingly during cooking. They are rich in trace elements, dietary fiber, and vegetable protein and thus a good source of nutrients. As a result of the growing demand, the supply of lentil products has also increased in recent years.   Red lentils under the
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4 Food Labelling Challenges Since Brexit

Since Brexit, the UK is now considered a third country. This means that companies exporting from UK to the European Union will have to face different compliance challenges from now on.   Here are 4 challenges to consider:   1. Address on the Label   When exporting to countries within the European Union, it is
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Fruits and vegetables in a bottle – Testing smoothies

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends eating at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. To meet this requirement, consumers are increasingly opting for smoothies from supermarkets. These drinks are made of fruit and vegetables, which are obtained from whole fruits (usually without peel and core). Conveniently carried in a bottle, they are
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NEW: BAV Institute tests the marketability of cosmetic products

Before a cosmetic product is placed on the market or on the shelves, a so-called marketability test is often carried out and a corresponding marketability certificate is issued. All cosmetic products placed on the market in Germany and the EU must meet the strict requirements of Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 (EU Cosmetics Regulation). They must be
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Toast – Testing the daily bread

Toast is generally understood to be a white bread which is toasted with a toaster. Nearly no breakfast table can be without the warm bread, which can be prepared quickly and easily. But what was the result of a recent test of various toasts?   Contamination with mineral oil   In eight out of 20
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EPL Bio Analytical Services

New Management Board at EPL Bio Analytical Services

Decatur, IL (USA)   As of November 1, 2020 the management board at EPL Bio Analytical Services officially changed. Katie Merry took over the role of General Manager, supported by Dr. Dilini Ranasinghe as Business Development Director.   EPL, located in Decatur, Illinois has been providing quality analytical services to the Agrosciences industry for over
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New FDA Draft Guidance On Sesame Labeling

In November 2020 the FDA issued a draft guidance regarding the voluntary disclosure of sesame as an allergen following its evaluation of public information; including scientific and clinical data, a 2014 citizen petition requesting the disclosure of sesame by the common or usual name in ingredients, and over 4,800 responses from a notice published in
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Analysis of Glyphosate residues in our daily Products

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide used since 1974 in numerous countries worldwide. Lately, there is an emotional discussion in the media and consequently the number of reports on residues of glyphosate in food have increased substantially. Due to the high polarity of glyphosate it is not possible to analyze it together with the other pesticides
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