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Preservation Challenge Tests Cosmetics Tentamus

Preservation Challenge Tests for Cosmetics according to ISO 11930

How can we ensure that a cosmetic product remains stable against microbiological influences?   Preservation challenge tests represent a fundamental building block for evaluating the microbiological safety of cosmetic products. The test is intended to confirm that the cosmetic product prevents germ multiplication when used as intended and is therefore microbiologically stable. The ISO 11930
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Fragrances Cosmetics Tentamus

New Regulations for Fragrances in Cosmetics

The field of analysis and declaration of allergenic fragrances in cosmetics is currently in a state of flux. In general, certain fragrances a certain amount in cosmetics have to be declared above (according to Annex III of Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009: 10ppm for leave-on products, 100ppm for rinse-off products), the use of individual fragrances is even
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New Method: Analysis of amino acids in feed and food via LC-LRMS/MS

For a healthy diet and the functionality of biological processes, humans and animals need amino acids. Laboratories often face the problem of challenging analysis when determining the correct content of amino acids in food and feed. Amino acids (AA) are organic molecules that contain both a carboxylic -COOH and an amino -NH2 functional group. In
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Our Pet Food Passion!

Here at Tentamus, we see pets as companions, friends. Just like our human families we want to make sure our animal family is on a natural, healthy diet. Though many people may not realize it, pet food has many similar aspects to human food. Pet food should have a guaranteed analysis of protein, fiber, fat,
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EPA Revocation of Chlorpyrifos Tolerances

In April 2021 the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the EPA must ban all uses of chlorpyrifos relating to food stuffs, allowing them to retain tolerances for only those uses that could be proven safe for children. In August of 2021 the EPA announced that due to the determination that “the current aggregate
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Selling food supplements – what do you have to pay attention to?

In order for you to safely market your dietary supplements, they must be analytically verified. This is how you ensure that your products are marketable – i.e. free of contaminants and residues, correctly labeled and that they contain the claimed contents of vitamins, for example. The Food Supplements Ordinance regulates the specifications for the labeling
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Use of Antibiotics on Citrus Crops from July 2021

In May 2017 the EPA issued a time-limited emergency exemption to allow the use of streptomycin and oxytetracycline in Florida citrus crops to battle citrus greening. As of 2021 the allowance of use of these antibiotics on citrus has been expanded to include Californian crops as well. This change was spurred by a major reduction
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Tentamus North America adds analysis for Aflatoxins

Tentamus North America continues to grow   Fredericksburg, Virginia – The team at Tentamus North America has been busy adding new testing methods to support your business. To aid companies in the food sector the laboratory has added HPLC analysis methods for Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2, and ELISA analysis for Aflatoxin M1.   Aflatoxins,
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Salt – White gold in the kitchen

In the past, wars were fought for the white gold, but today you can buy it conveniently in any supermarket and use it to season your dishes. Because without salt, most people find their food tastes too bland. It is used in every way: from pasta sauce to breakfast eggs – salt is a must-have
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