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Analyst to Participate in Tel-Aviv’s CANNX 2019

Analyst Research Laboratories is proud to participate in CannX, the 4th Medical Cannabis Conference, that will take place on September 9-10th, 2019, in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

With speakers from the USA, Canada, Germany and Israel, this conference brings together players from all areas related to Medical Cannabis.

Analyst’s head of Bioanalytical R&D laboratory, Dr. Alla Falkovich, will be giving a talk on Analyst’s experience in the analyses of cannabinoids in samples from animal and clinical studies.

Analyst’s leading experts in the fields of Analytics & Bioanalytics, will also participate in this conference.

This will be an excellent opportunity for any company operating in this field, especially those who are involved in the development of new products and formulations, to understand the analytical and bioanalytical steps involved in the life cycle of their product and get to know Analyst Research Laboratories.

If you did not set up a meeting yet, please contact Analyst’s CEO, Dr. Vivi Ziv at, or just come and pay them a visit in Booth #29.

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