Tentamus Competencies by Industry

Food & Feed

Food and feed are the source of life for humans and animals alike. Their quality has an immediate effect on our health. From farm to fork, food quality can be influenced by environmental … more

Nutraceutical & Supplement

Nutritional supplements are nutrients or certain substances with specific nutritional or physiological effects. Many people take various forms of supplements to boost health and … more

Agriculture & Environment

From origination, all the way to purchase by the consumer, groceries and agricultural products pass through a long supply chain. Tentamus laboratories offer analyses and additional … more

Beauty, Wash & Care

Cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products need to be effective yet dermatologically and environmentally harmless. In this respect, consumers and lawmakers alike want … more

Pharmaceutical & Medical

In the pharmaceutical product analysis sector, Tentamus is among the top independent contracting laboratories. Our roster of clients includes retail, national and … more


Agriculture frequently makes use of manure and crop-protection products. To ensure that chemical herbicides and pesticides do not have undesired or harmful effects on people, animals … more

Labs for Life – for greater safety and quality of life

The Tentamus Group was founded early in 2011. Our goal was to become a well-respected provider of quality services and to ensure the continued quality and safety of our clients’ products and services.

We are proud to have quickly gained our customers’ trust. We are represented in over 30 locations worldwide. More than 1,600 highly-trained staff members work in over half a million square feet of laboratory and office spaces. This is how we apply our expertise and guarantee our clients the highest degree of reliability and quality. 

Today we are recognized as a dependable service provider, distinguished by our quick response times and close collaboration with our customers. We achieve this through specialty equipment, well trained members of staff and a network of highly specialized laboratories, each of which is a market leader in its own sector. That is how we can be the first point of contact for our clients around the world.  At the same time, through our network of laboratories, we have the capacity to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients. Our commitment, years of experience, and high-tech laboratory facilities and scientific methods enable us to live up to our promise of quality.

Consulting & Advisory Services

Our consulting and training services help companies focus on their core line of business.

Our Locations

Tentamus offers its clients an international network of specialized laboratories. Even though the laboratories continue to operate under their original brands, they are all companies that are part of the Tentamus Group and are characterized by a high degree of integration, enabling us to optimally leverage the synergy of the individual laboratories.

An integrated synchronized quality management system, centralized research and development of methods and parameters, fully integrated IT solutions with a cutting-edge web-based LIMS system, as well as all requisite and non-requisite national and international licenses: represent only a brief summary of our operations.

Search for the location nearest to you, or search for the laboratory with the optimal profile for your product, and give our services a try.

More news

10 Tips for Improving Food Safety

Since the safety of food is always an important issue, here are 10 tips to improve the food safety in your supply chain: 1. Know the origin of the ingredients The ingredients provide the basis of your product. Therefore it is essential to know how and where these ingredients were created. It is often taken ... Continued

Stage 2 of the Tentamus Academy

Starting in March 2017 in Portland, the attendees continued their journey to the second stage of the program – Shanghai, China. From the 19th to the 22nd of June the participants expanded their leadership know-how, with insights into international business, intercultural differences and the consequences for business operations. Working together with the Jiao Tong University, the ... Continued

Welcome Laboratorio Juan Antonio Tello, S.L.

Berlin, 1st August 2017 Laboratorio Juan Antonio Tello, S.L. joins Tentamus Group based in Berlin, Germany “Tello” was founded in 2007 and is based in Jaén, Southern Spain. They offer testing services for olives and olive oil. Tello is accredited by ENAC according to ISO/IEC 17025 and employs close to 50 technical experts for matters ... Continued

New Evaluation of Honey-Profiling at QSI

Honey – a natural product, consumed since thousands of years. Tentamus’ subsidiary QSI is the leading laboratory for quality control of food, honey & drugs. Since 2014  QSI evaluates honey into typical and untypical with their classical evaluation system. To be more clear and precise for their customers QSI decided to change the system. The current ... Continued

Tentamus Group – new location in Rotterdam

With its global network, the Tentamus Group ensures its clients the best support and guidance concerning the different requirements and regulation of maximum amounts.  To further expand this network and increase the speed and flexibility to react upon our customers’ requests, we are pleased to welcome our newest addition: Tentamus Rotterdam. Pesticides (or plant protection ... Continued

Tentamus Group Acquires TÜV Rheinland Food Division

Cologne, June 30th, 2017 Cologne – TÜV Rheinland, a global leader of independent quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world, today announced that it has decided to step out of the food analytics testing services business and will  sell all food related activities to Berlin/German based Tentamus Group. TÜV ... Continued

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