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The Tentamus Group was founded in early 2011. Our goal is to be a well-respected provider of quality services and to ensure the continued quality and safety of our clients’ products and services.

We are proud to have quickly gained our customers’ trust. We are represented in over 50 locations worldwide. More than 1,600 highly-trained staff members work in over half a million square feet of laboratory and office spaces. This is how we provide our expertise and guarantee our clients the highest degree of reliability and quality. 

Today we are recognized as a dependable service provider, distinguished by our quick response times and close collaboration with our customers. We achieve this through specialty equipment, well trained members of staff and a network of highly specialized laboratories, each of which is a market leader in its own sector. That is how we can be the first point of contact for our clients around the world.  At the same time, through our network of laboratories, we have the capacity to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients. Our commitment, years of experience, and high-tech laboratory facilities and scientific methods enable us to live up to our promise of quality.

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Food Fraud im IFS 6.1. VACCP & Analytik: Was ist sinnvoll, was möglich, was machbar?

Quality Services International GmbH, Flughafendamm 9a, 28199 Bremen

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Mikrobiologisches Qualitätsmanagement (Arzneimittel & Kosmetika)

BAV Institut für Hygiene und Qualitätssicherung GmbH, Offenburg

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Seminar Rückstandsanalytik

Tentamus Group GmbH, Berlin

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BAV Seminar Aktuelles aus Lebensmittelhygiene & -recht

BAV Institut für Hygiene und Qualitätssicherung GmbH, Offenburg

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Tentamus Competencies by Industry

Food & Feed

Food and feed are the source of life for humans and animals alike. Their quality has an immediate effect on our health … more

Nutraceutical & Supplement

Nutritional supplements are nutrients or certain substances with specific nutritional or physiological effects … more

Agriculture & Environment

From origination, all the way to purchase by the consumer, groceries and agricultural products pass through a long supply chain … more

Beauty, Wash & Care

Cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products need to be effective yet dermatologically and environmentally harmless … more

Pharmaceutical & Medical

In the pharmaceutical product analysis sector, Tentamus is among the top independent contracting laboratories … more


Agriculture frequently makes use of manure and crop-protection products. To ensure that chemical herbicides and pesticides do not have … more

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Food Bioengineered Labeling & Disclosure

The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (7 CFR 66)(, announced on December 20, 2018, requires that bioengineered (BE) foods be properly disclosed by food manufacturers, importers, and certain retailers. The mandatory compliance date is January 1, 2022, and implementation dates vary depending on the size of the business. According to the Standard, a food ... Continued

Olive Oil in the focus of counterfeiters

Olive oil is considered healthy and enjoys great popularity among consumers. It is produced in different quality levels, whereby the highest quality level represents the extra virgin olive oil. The inferior qualities show among other things sensory defects, which do not occur in the high-quality extra virgin olive oil. In supermarkets one finds almost exclusively ... Continued

Tentamus Spain takes part in the oil research project "RETOS"

Laboratorio Tello and LAB | Bioclinical Analytical Laboratory are collaborating with University of Almería and University of Granada on a research project called RETOS. The public research project examines the “Analytical advances to improve information on the quality and safety of edible vegetable oils and other high-fat vegetable food products “. During the 3rdmeeting of ... Continued

Remarks for FDA Public Hearing on Scientific Data and Information about Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds

With the law changes that came with the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the Farm Bill, the need for FDA clarification and guidance on the regulatory framework has been voiced by advocates, industry representatives, regulators, health professionals, and legalization opponents. In the remarks made by Dr. Sharpless after the May 31st Public ... Continued